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HACA is expanding its 2021-22 scholarship program and application are now available.

HACA is expanding its 2021-22 scholarship program and application are now available.

Instead of offering a fixed number of scholarships at a certain amount, the chapter will be offering $16,000 in scholarships, and the amount awarded per student will depend on the number of applicants chosen.

Besides the traditional George & Linda Price Scholarship, the chapter is also offering a Job Readiness Grant Program.

The Price Scholarship can be applied toward full- or part-time college classes, as well as vocational training programs. The grants can be applied toward a job training program or certification program needed to move a career forward.

This program is open to everyone. You don’t just have to be a high school or college student to participate. We encourage adults who are taking classes part-time, or looking to make a career change, or who need a few sessions of training to move up in their jobs, to apply for one of the grants.

If you are wondering which of the programs apply to you, if you are planning for traditional college classes or a longer-term training program, apply for the Price Scholarship. If you are looking to take a short-term training class, or are looking to take a certification course, apply for the Job Readiness Grant.

Deadline to apply is June 1. Each application has the specific guidelines included.

Click here for the Price Scholarship

Click here for the Job Readiness Grant

The Sandi Qualley National Meeting Attendance Scholarship

The Sandi Qualley National Scholarship Fund is a scholarship awarded to a HACA member to attend either the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) Bleeding Disorders Conference or the Hemophilia Federation of America (HFA) Symposium. It is named in honor of Sandi Qualley, who served as the Executive Director of HACA from 1991 to 2011. Both NHF and HFA’s national meetings have gone virtual for 2021. Look for an application for HFA’s 2022 Symposium, which will take place April 20-23 in San Antonio, later this year. 


Other Scholarships Available for People with Bleeding Disorders